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Building Your Self Esteem

A lot of people are hard on themselves. It is always good to hear people say that they do not compete with other people because they only have to outdo their selves. This is a good attitude because when you focus on yourself, you develop at your own pace and you do not see yourself at a loser.

There are times though when this becomes negative because a person becomes too criticizing of himself or herself. There is no worst critic than yourself because once you believe in the negative self worth you put in your mind, you could easily crumble with whatever negative the world will throw at you. A low self esteem is one of the greatest enemies of a person because losing it is like losing oneself.

Before it is too late, let us focus on building self esteem. It is important to always be optimistic. Most people you meet are cynical these days but there is no reason for you to join the crowd. Being optimistic means capitalizing on the good and positive. No matter how bad the situation or how things may be so difficult for you, there are always good and positive things to turn to.

You do not have to lose touch of reality to be optimistic. You just have to learn how to deal with a sad situation with a happy disposition or a really bad scenario with a hopeful disposition. It should also not stop within yourself because you have to practice optimism to other people and ideally wherever you find yourself at.

Helping other people is also another way to build self esteem. You do not have to be rich to help other people so do not wait until you are a millionaire before you start being charitable. There are other things you can share with other people to help uplift their lives.

If you have a special talent like teaching then do volunteer work at your community school for the under privileged or be part of your church choir. Besides we all know how blessed are those people who give more than  what they have. Sincerely helping other people will make you feel good of yourself after all you do not give away kindness because kindness always comes back to you and usually at a time you need it the most.

Do not be so hard on yourself. It is okay to dream big dreams. We are always told to reach for the top but set realistic expectations and goals for your self so that if you fail or if you lag behind your timetable you do not immediately feel so bad instead you look at ways on how to get back on track.

Try and try until you succeed should be your mantra and believe that you can do it. There may be people to help you but it is really up to you. The fact that you dreamed it, you are capable of achieving it because that dream came from the inner whispers of your soul and you cannot deny yourself that.

Having self esteem is like having a self that is ready for whatever is ahead whether it is good or bad. Always in the end, you will be a success because you’ve got the best version of you.


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