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Multipurpose oils also used as biofuel

The oils listed immediately below are all (primarily) used for other purposes  (all but tung oil are edible) but have been considered for use as biofuel.

Castor oil, lower cost than many candidates. Kinematic viscosity may be an issue.

Coconut oil (copra oil), promising for local use in places that produce coconuts.See article "Coconut oil" และ " รู้จักน้ำมันมะพร้าว"

Corn oil, appealing because of the abundance of maize as a crop. See article "Corn oil"

Cottonseed oil, shown in one study not to be cost effective when compared with standard diesel.
False flax oil, from Camelina sativa, used in Europe in oil lamps until the 18th century.
Hemp oil, relatively low in emissions. High flash point. Production is problematic in some countries because of its association with marijuana.

Mustard oil, shown to be comparable to Canola oil as a biofuel.

Palm oil, very popular for biofuel, but the environmental impact from growing large quantities of oil palms has recently called the use of palm oil into question.

Peanut oil, used in one of the first demonstrations of the Diesel engine in 1900.

Radish oil. Wild radish contains up to 48% oil, making it appealing as a fuel.

Rapeseed oil, the most common base oil used in Europe in biodiesel production.

Ramtil oil, used for lighting in India.

Rice bran oil, appealing because of lower cost than many other vegetable oils. Widely grown in Asia.

Safflower oil, explored recently as a biofuel in Montana.

Soybean oil, not economical as a fuel crop, but appealing as a byproduct of soybean crops for other uses.

Sunflower oil, suitable as a fuel, but not necessarily cost effective.

Tung oil, referenced in several lists of vegetable oils that are suitable for biodiesel.

Source: Wikipedia   

See also "รู้จักน้ำมันมะพร้าว" , "List of Vegetable oils" and related articles in,


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